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One-Stop Shop for Creative Audio/Video Production

Cicada Music offers a suite of creative audio and video production services, and will partner with you to help you create a stylish audio/video production that engages and entertains your audience. Trust Cicada Music as your creative audio/video production service provider.

  • Turnkey Creative Audio/Video Production Services
  • Expert Audio/Video Consultation and Team Leadership
  • Innovative, Cohesive, Stylish, Professional, Experienced

Music Composition & Licensing

Creative Music Composition, Supervision and Licensing is at the core of what we do. Whether you’re looking for light atmospheric underscoring, royalty-free background music, custom leitmotif themes, or full blown original songs with melodies, harmonies and hooks, your project is in good hands with Cicada Music!

  • Video Games, Apps & Interactive Media
  • Film, TV, Video, Animation & Events
  • Radio, Commercials, Corporate, Marketing & Advertising

Audio Editing, Post Production & Programming

Creative Audio Editing, Post Production, Mixing, Mastering, Programming and Critical Listening are the meticulous skills and services that polish the audio assets for implementation in your project. Rely on Cicada Music’s expert ears to help make your audio shine!

  • Logic Pro Studio (Mac), ProTools (PC)
  • FMod
  • Unity Pro

Sound Design

Creative Sound Design has an enormous impact on the overall audio quality of a project, and when integrated holistically with the Music Composition the two can be highly complimentary with one another. Count on Cicada Music’s expert audio designers to enhance your next project!

  • Sound Effects
  • Atmosphere
  • Foley

Video Production, Pre & Post Production

Creative Video Production and Editing services are available to create stylish and tasteful, viewer engaging videos for promos, advertisements, product demos, event highlights, website SEO, tutorials, explainers, orientations, KickStarter and other crowdfunding pitches, YouTube, Vimeo and most other types of creative audio/video production you require.

  • Extensive Libraries of Stock Footage, Transitions & Effects
  • High Quality Audio & HD Video
  • Screen Capture, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics

Voice Talent

The Voiceover is literally the voice of your project, and a great VO can make all the difference! Hire Cicada Music’s professionally trained voice actors and editors to deliver an ear-pleasing, high-quality voiceover performance!

  • Female & Male Voice Talents, American English
  • Creative Scriptwriting, Proofreading and SEO Guidance
  • Vocal Booth, High Quality Mics, Pro Grade Editing Suite

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Bonny “DJBonseye” Morgan is the American-Canadian co-founder of Cicada Music Inc. (est. 2007), an independent pro audio studio providing creative audio and video production services for video games, film and other media, to clients worldwide.

Bonny “DJBonseye” Morgan & Cicada Music Inc. are represented by one of Hollywood’s premiere agents for visual media composers, Gloria Soto of The Max Steiner Agency.

As a full-service turnkey audio/video department, Cicada Music offers exceptional value by drawing on the combined experience, talents and skills of both Bonny, and the other half of Cicada Music Inc., her husband Spencer. Together, they reliably, consistently and professionally deliver a wide range of expert creative audio/video services from pre- to post-production, including project planning, consulting, agile management, creative process management, budget management, milestone scheduling, team supervising, storyboarding, creative writing, script writing, song writing, music composition, music supervision, music licensing, audio design, sound engineering, audio editing, voice talent, video production, video editing, audio programming, asset implementation, troubleshooting, crowdfunding, social media, marketing, advertising and much more.

After living and working most of their lives based in Los Angeles and Toronto, Bonny & Spencer recently relocated to beautiful and inspiring northern Nova Scotia, ideally situated on Canada’s eastern Atlantic coast in a time zone convenient for offering their freelance audio/video services to clients around the globe, connected by one of the world’s fastest, most reliable fiber-optic internet networks. They consider themselves fortunate to be able to embrace the technology that allows them to work efficiently with anyone, anytime, anywhere, and enjoy the varied experiences, opportunities and quality of life that this work style brings.

Bonny “DJBonseye” Morgan, an accomplished professional vocalist from California, has travelled the world and performed live with every size band from solo act to 12 piece. She is also an experienced studio recording artist with two self produced solo albums in addition to several other collaborations. Bonny has a black book of world class, pro recording musicians, composers and sound designers ready to collaborate with her if the project scope and budget allows. While living in Los Angeles, she also studied acting and voice acting and worked in many areas of film and T.V. production, both on and off camera.
DJBonseye’s catchy & energetic dance-pop music tracks are sure to engage your audience and add an element of fun-factor flair! She is versatile in a wide range of music styles and genres including atmospheric orchestral, melodic ambient, energetic dance, pop, R&B, hard rock, urban, fun children’s and novelty, and much more.

Spencer has a well-rounded background in business and project management, sales, research, organization, I.T. and a love for video games. His clear communicative style, friendliness, and ability to embrace troubleshooting and technical issues make him a pleasure to work with.

The name Cicada Music comes from the large winged insects that are rarely seen, but are commonly heard singing from the trees on hot summer days in most countries around the world. Cicada is also the title of an original song on Bonny Morgan’s CD Acoustically Yours, available for sale or digital download at iTunes and Amazon.

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